Work that I'm proud of

I love a good challenge especially if it involves researching new ideas or setting up systems and processes for my clients.

Below are some stories of recent projects I've worked on to help give you a better understanding of what I can do.

From box-ticking to greater efficiency and ISO compliance

I project-managed the overhaul of a Yorkshire based SME’s management system to secure compliance with ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environment). Working in association with Stephen Lowe, a specialist ISO Management Consultant, we embedded a new system including fit-for-purpose business processes, regular operational and management review meetings and quality audits. We also introduced meaningful company policies with measurable targets and progress tracking. We achieved ISO certification in 2018 and the company has gone on to win government contracts due to its compliance excellence.

Out of chaos comes order: a uniform approach to recruitment

Recruitment is a costly exercise, especially without a standardised recruitment process. I established a comprehensive recruitment strategy for a rapidly expanding local SME. It involved the design of job descriptions and competencies, commissioning of psychometric and technical knowledge tests and design of bespoke interview questions. I shortlisted and helped interview candidates and administered trial days. I led the on-boarding process ensuring that all required documentation was in place and employees received inductions and progress reviews. The company is now 12-strong and confidently handles recruitment in-house.


Successful funding applications for local SME

I researched and compiled several funding applications for a local SME and was successful in securing funds of approximately £15,000 for the installation of energy-saving LED lights, employee training and software development.

Helping a charity COO get back some control of her life

This lovely client had recently switched careers, become a manager, started a blog, a new fitness program and a training course! I helped pin down her thoughts for future blog posts, sorted out the SEO and took control of her calendar, making sure she had time to catch her breath between appointments.

Brainstorming with an Australian tech firm

I was approached by a Sydney-headquartered tech company to give my insights on achieving ISO compliance as part of their ISO 27001 fact-finding project.

Helping a busy MD to grow his property portfolio

My client has recently purchased several residential properties in the UK and abroad. Whilst he is concentrating on building modifications and interior design, I’m researching and putting the necessary processes in place to ensure that his future responsibilities as a landlord are met and that all tenants receive a high-quality, seamless service. I also manage the administration for one of his publishing businesses leaving him free to concentrate on growing his property portfolio and his other publishing company.

A dramatic turnaround in audit performance for a local SME

I began working to support an SME with quality management in 2016 when the results of its ISO audit found two major and two minor non-conformances requiring corrective action and re-assessment. Under my leadership, the 2017 audit results were dramatically different: auditors recorded full compliance with zero non-conformances and the organisation achieved automatic recertification.

Establishment of an in-house HR function ensures legal compliance

An uncoordinated approach to HR and recruitment matters could lead to errors which leave you open to legal challenge. Upon joining my last employer I established and ran an in-house HR function to ensure these matters were dealt with uniformly. I produced a suite of standard documentation, standardised employee terms and conditions, implemented an annual appraisal scheme and robust induction and probation arrangements. I monitored sickness and annual leave, procured third party Occupational Health services and an Employee Assistance Program. I also liaised with the company’s specialist employment law advisors on individual cases and delivered measures to implement the advice received.

Comprehensive training for local leaders

I was responsible for managing delivery of training for newly elected councillors during my time at a local authority. I worked with the Chief Executive and senior managers to coordinate a two day program in which the councillors received wide-ranging training on the functions of the authority. This was followed by specialist training in the work of the committees the councillors were appointed to. It is now several years since this training and many of the councillors are now in their second term of office with two of them also now serving as Cabinet Members.

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